As the days of summer pass by, my thoughts turn to the fall and the annual moose rut….with that in mind i am scheduling my fall moose trip. It will be a shorter trip than summer excursion, mostly because of how busy the MooseMan show schedule is…..Planning on heading into the woods toward the end of September when the rut activity should be kicking into gear..I will be hoping for cold temps to trigger the rutting behavior in the bulls and hope to call in some bull action in hard rack antlers…..

A moose’s rack begins to grow in march and by mid july has pretty much grown outward to it’s width….from then until about the third week in August, it will finish off it’s growth upward and all the points will lengthen and growth will be complete…at this point the antler goes into oscification and becomes bone hard….then the bulls thrash and rake on bushes and small trees to clean the velvet off ………Watching them do this is pretty much my favorite thing to witness in the woods……here is a younger but still impressive bull actually still in the process of cleaning his rack….not a huge rack, but even still, a very impressive bull with good mass and potential….what a moment to watch Image

Moose antlers begin to grow  

Hello everyone, MooseMan is fresh off my annual moose trip and this year was among the best ever….absolutely wonderful sighting numbers with a very high number of HUGE dominant bulls located, many were up close and exciting. 

Here are a couple highlights….on my second night in the woods, I located a bull I had seen before, but this time, he gave me a longer encounter. His rack was big and a bit odd at the same time, I ended up naming him HAT RACK. I found him four different times over the next couple days…here he is  (FIRST PHOTO), doing what bulls do in July…..EATING IN THE WATER


THEN, here is another bull….this is the bull posted on Facebook last week that I asked for help naming….Lots of great suggestions came my way; many of which i liked alot…..I almost went with Dozer but I liked that name so much I am saving it for the next HUGE bull….fits better….so this guy will be named Brewster…..(photo in the 4:30am fog with coming sunrise sky)


To wrap up this post, keep watching my Facebook page for news and show annoucements, also the website will be getting an overhaul this winter and updated with a shopping cart to make purchasing easier for shoppers.

MOOSE WATCHING…..as the days of August approach, keep in mind as it gets hot, moose tend to feed less in the water and more importantly….the plants they love to eat a month before are not their main choice during August, they may nibble around the sore a bit during the month and browse, but that heavy feeding head under in the water is not seen too much in August.ImageImage  

Hello to all. Fresh off the NHMade show in Manchester this Mid-April weekend……..had a blast , met alot of great folks, and saw many old friends too. MooseMan introduced the bears  of Second Chancw Wildlife this weekend and they were a big hit…..

the mission of the facility is “Stay on the path……..keep the bear WILD”….Owner dawn Brown has an incredible vision of how bear cubs should be rehabilitated and eventually released to the wild…


Dawn…..call me……….we need to chat about what’s next………:) 


Hi  there……….this image was shot from about 900 ft distance with nikon D300, 300 f2.8 lens, Nikon TC14e converter off a monopod from inside the vehicle……one eagle has just dropped off some nest materials, the other is barely visible inside the cavity of the nest….

Hi everyone……..if anyone knows someone looking for a beautiful canvas gallery wrapped  piece of art for their camp or home…..I have a LARGE canvas bull moose piece i am looking to move

It is big……..3ft height or 4 ft wide……if you or someone you know has the space for that size piece……this is a nice deal…….retail is 695.00

I am letting it go for 250.00……..I am getting away from canvas art within my MooseMan line as i am heading more toward the rustic look, so …….hence the bargain…


here is a short story of a mother moose and her baby from last summer…..The pair were across the channel from me …..the channel was perhaps 100-150ft wide.  I watched as the mother tried to coax her calf to follow her into the water so they could cross together. But nope, the calf had cold feet…..Finally, the cow just left the calf there and swam across the channel. check out the two images…..One shows the cow turning to look back at the calf and the next is when after the calf had finally decided to go join her mom…….the cow is gently nuzzling her baby in such a caring way……very precious to watch………On top of it all, it startd pouring right in the middle of all this………one image shot with 70-200mm F2,8 VR, the other with 300mm F2,8 AF-S VR…both with D300 Nikon

Hi there……..I will have a few new products this year at the craft shows.  


My wife and I are teaming up for something we have thought about for a few years. …..Hand-made wooden signs for your home or better yet for your getaway camp in the woods or at the lake..They will have a saying such as “Respect Nature” …..”Love Nature”…..”Getaway Retreat” …and others and will feature custom wood-burning of loons, moose and bear on the sign done by my wife Donna.

Other new products include jigsaw puzzles and sticker sheets for the kids with MooseMan images on them of course….:)

First show of the year is coming VERY SOON……..in Manchester at the Radisson on march 2,3,4…the 45th Annual N H Home show.. 


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